DataClassroom is a web-based data analysis and visualization app that was developed by a biology teacher who understands the needs of teachers and students. The program is extremely intuitive and, because of this, empowering to students. This tool will help students become more independent in using their data analysis skills because it brings complicated data analysis, like performing chi-square and t-tests, to their level.

DataClassroom helps students visualize and engage with data while encouraging them to document, hypothesize, and manipulate their data. The Tidy Data structure and accompanying tutorial video encourage students to think in terms of variables and the meaning of data in the analysis process. The step-by-step process is easy to follow and there are supplementary tutorial videos for each step. The integrated lab notebook provides guidance for forming hypotheses and documenting findings with just the right amount of scaffolding to challenge and support students through complicated statistical analysis.

DataClassroom makes adding graphs, captions, and data tables easy. Having the capability to change the size and color of points and regression lines helps kids visualize and personalize their data. These high-quality graphics are easily exported to the built-in lab report or downloaded and printed for posters or science fair projects.

Google Classroom integration means that students can submit work and the teacher can create assignments easily right in the platform. Many students have difficulty with mathematics and data analysis. DataClassroom supports students through challenging data analysis and statistics, making it easier for teachers to integrate the NGSS science and engineering practice of analyzing and interpreting data into middle and high school science classes.

In addition to being an awesome data analysis and visualization tool, DataClassroom also provides ready-to-teach data sets. There are a variety of engaging topics, from coin flips to Spotify downloads, and new activities are added regularly based on current events. These are great for teaching students how to use data as evidence to support a claim when they have not had the opportunity to perform a lab. These can be used in biology classes to help students form hypotheses based on data before having them perform their own labs and as a quick end-of-unit review.

The customer support is outstanding. The DataClassroom team is extremely responsive via phone, e-mail, and video conference, and their library of tutorial videos for teachers and students is complete and easy to understand.