Available from https://www.jax.org/education-and-learning/high-school-students-and-undergraduates/teaching-the-genome-generation

Teachers are on a never-ending quest to find easy-to-use, authentic, and valuable activities for their students. While there are plenty of options out there, finding sources that bring real-world data into the classroom can be difficult. Fortunately, a collection of materials from the NIH-SEPA-funded Jackson Laboratory provides students and teachers with opportunities to delve deep into the world of genomic research.

The program is called Teaching the Genome Generation (https://www.jax.org/education-and-learning/high-school-students-and-undergraduates/teaching-the-genome-generation) (TtGG). The teacher-focused materials provide the content knowledge, teaching strategies, and resources needed to enhance student learning in genetics, genomics, and personalized medicine. The student-focused materials have students conduct classroom experiments, collect and analyze real data, and discuss the ethical complexities at the intersection of human genomics, research, and medicine.

Teaching the Genome Generation is divided into three major themes, which can be taught in an integrated fashion, rather than isolated units. These include


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