Plant Physiology and Ecophysiology (PPE) is a subject taught in the biology degree. One of the skills that students must acquire is “the ability to solve PPE problems.” Acquiring this competence requires a precise working methodology, a high degree of presence, and teamwork between teachers and students. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic and health restrictions, we had to teach the class online. This article shows the learning methodology we employed using information and communication technologies (ICTs) for the achievement of this competence. We also analyzed the results obtained in the academic performance of the students in comparison with previous years in which the classes were face-to-face. The results confirmed that the students obtained this subject-specific competence through the ICT teaching process compared to face-to-face teaching. The study also revealed that online assessment services are not secure as they do not appear to prevent cheating behavior. Therefore, we propose this learning methodology for future online teaching activities although improvements in the evaluation process must be addressed.

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