We introduce biology to the artist’s design tool, the storyboard. This versatile organizing and visualizing artistic platform is introduced into the biology classroom to aid in an inventive and focused discovery process. Almost all biological concepts are dynamic, and storyboards offer biology, lecture, wet and computational labs, flexibility, inventiveness, and an opportunity for students to slow down the so-called steps of biological processes and moderate their observations. Storyboarding is a thoughtful and reflective discovery device with enormous potential to break with traditional biology classroom experiences and return to the root of the educational process: storytelling. It will encourage teachers to embark on the remodeling of the biological curriculum with specific technical skills that students and teachers should consider developing to make the STEAM experience tailored to the uniqueness of biological systems. Storyboards offer hands-on, illustrative, and interactive conversations about biology concepts. They are an “unplugged” and contemplative experiences, organizing frameworks for personal expression focused on biological wonders.

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