High school students are very seldomly, if at all, taught that race is a social rather than biological construct, and this pedagogical omission has led to biological essentialism. Biological essentialism is the belief that race can be used in predictable ways to determine intellect and/or behavior. Biological essentialism can result in the belief that unscientifically proven racial stereotypes are true. Much work is needed to support the teaching of a scientifically accurate understanding of human diversity in high school biology courses. It is of paramount importance that students are engaged in instruction that addresses racial misconceptions before they graduate high school and enter society as leaders, lawmakers, and civically active members. Missed instructional opportunities can result in the perpetuation of racial stereotypes that fuel systemic racism. The following is a culturally responsive 5E lesson “Reimagining a Culture of Equality” (R.A.C.E.). R.A.C.E. lessons are lesson model designed by the author to promote accurate teaching and understanding of human diversity, ultimately resulting in a more tolerant and scientifically literate learner.

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