This cleverly produced DVD provides high school students a welcome change from the usual routine of listening to the teacher. Organisms & Populations is one of seven titles in the “Teaching Systems: Biology” series from Cerebellum. Its three chapters present introductory information on the following topics.

“Structure and Function of Animals” explains the basic needs of animals and discusses their origins in the sea, showing how their bodies internally reflect this heritage. A look at animal evolution explores the concepts of form following function, size limitation, thermoregulation, and homeostasis.

“Animal Reproduction and Development” presents information on the similarities and differences among the various types of reproduction. This segment includes explanations of terms that provide a background for understanding various concepts in reproduction and development.

“Viral Structure and Replication” defines terms related to viruses and describes five groups of viruses. This chapter is more thorough and detailed than the others. Excellent,...

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