“Go about life the way a chameleon walks: face what is in front and look back at what lies behind” – Malagasy proverb, Madagascar

This book is really the first of its kind – an authoritative guide to one of the more interesting and bizarre groups in the class of reptiles. The authors call them the “Swiss Army knife of the reptile world.” The book really illustrates this, covering all 192 species of chameleon; their variations in size, shape, color, and markings; and the unique abilities that set them apart from other reptiles. Their habitats vary as well – from the green, lustrous rainforests of Madagascar to the scorched Namib Desert in southern Africa.

The book opens with an overview of the evolution and classification of the family Chamaeleonidae. The history is interesting, relating how the oldest fossil that most likely resembles a chameleon is “Chamaeleo caroliquarti, [which]...

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