Imagine going to your local supermarket and finding no fruits or vegetables in the produce section. It will never happen. Or will it?

The mass death of bees around the world is called colony collapse disorder (CCD).Yes, bees, the insects that epitomize hard work, unity, and cooperation, and the insects that are an integral part of a $15 billion-a-year pollination industry.

Vanishing of the Bees deserves four stars. It is an absolute must for ecology and environmental science courses. It is appropriate for grades 7 through 16. It makes an ideal subject for interdisciplinary teaching, particularly science, economics, social studies, and English language arts, and can be easily used to create a customized course in the biological sciences. It allows students to evaluate, analyze, and synthesize information, all of which address higher-order thinking. I highly recommend adding this DVD to your college's or district's library.

Using interviews, outstanding graphics, quotations...

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