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Current Issue
Volume 6,
Issue 1
Spring 2022
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Javier Martínez Jiménez, Isaac Sastre de Diego
This paper presents the contextualized results of the latest excavations at the site of Casa Herrera (Mérida, Spain). Casa Herrera is one of the best examples of a late antique site in the Iberian Peninsula, not only because of the degree of ...
Juliette Day
Although the functions associated with someone charged with responsibility for the doors of a church—and by extension for the church building as a whole—were required, the development of a specific office that would be institutionally and ritually ...
Geoffrey D. Dunn
Examining the information we have about deacons and presbyters in Rome during the first two decades of the fifth century contributes to the larger picture of their role and function and is instructive for several reasons. While there has been ...

About the Journal

Studies in Late Antiquity (SLA) is a forum for innovation and reflection on global Late Antiquity (150 - 750 CE) which questions and expands on received models and methods. Primary points of interest include interconnections between the Mediterranean and Africa, Iran, Arabia, the Baltic, Scandinavia, the British Isles, China, India and all of Asia, as well as disrupting the assumed connection between the late ancient/Christian Mediterranean and modern, western Europe.

eISSN: 2470-2048

Published Quarterly – February, May, August, November

Editors: Ra'anan Boustan, Princeton University; Kristina Sessa, The Ohio State University

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